Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Big news!

So, I've been keeping this one under wraps for awhile, until I was sure of how everything would work out. It's been hard for me to do, since I'm so excited about it. And it's also the reason I've been so absent from the social life lately, if the internet can be considered a social life.

The first part of the big news is that we [meaning my extremely rural, small-town community] now have an LYS! The shop is called Paper and Yarn, and has been a presence online for awhile with both a website [], and an Etsy []. The owner is awesome, and the shop has a great open and welcoming feel to it. It's the kind of place that's nice to go visit and sit and craft for awhile. So if any of you reading this happen to be in this region of Ohio, the shop is located in Minster and you should definitely visit. And, she's carrying tatting supplies! SQUEE!

Along with this, comes the even bigger news. Kat, the owner of aforementioned shop, has asked me to be the official tatting instructor for the shop. So I'm now dedicated to teaching at least one class every couple of weeks, as well as selling goods in the shop. That's right, people. I'm actually selling tatting that I've made. This is a first for me, so we'll see how it goes.



  1. Congratulations! This is wonderful news!

  2. Exciting to have your own LYS! - and congratulations on the job, but don't forget to leave time for that book of patterns!

  3. Don't worry, Maureen, I'm still hard at work on book patterns too. :) In a way, this is helping me get more done on the books because it's keeping me more focused.