Friday, July 30, 2010

Zombie Computer! And other announcements ...

It's back up and running! They keys are still wonky, I have no delete button and my space bar is very sensitive. But everything else seems to be working fine! So relieved. I'm still going to need to raise some money for a replacement keyboard and an external hard drive, so that I won't have this kind of scare again. Which brings me to my other news.

I will be reopening my Etsy shop! With tatting and other pieces this time. Today will be dedicated to making some pieces to put in it, so hopefully it will be up and running by Monday. I'll also be selling some of my patterns that I've got saved up. But don't worry, I'll still be posting free ones from time to time.

I'd really appreciate some feedback on what kinds of things you would like to see in the shop. I'm planning on starting out with some small things, stitch markers, jewelry, etc., to begin with.

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