Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Early International Tatting Day!

As promised, I have a pattern for you all. Consider it an early present for International Tatting Day, which is tomorrow. This pattern will also be shared with the online tatting class by Georgia Seitz, tomorrow at 3 pm and 8:30 pm ET.

To join the free online tatting classes, send your name, email address, home town and country to The regular class meets on Mondays 3 and 8:30pm ET (New York time.) The beginners class meets on Thursdays 3 and 9 pm ET. The question and answer session and needle tatting is at 2:30 and 8PM ET (1/2 hour before the regular class.) There is also a Spanish speaking class on Saturdays with Wally Sosa.


You may recognize this star pattern from this post. Georgia asked me to make it available for her class, so as a bonus you all get it too. I simplified it a bit, specifically the way the colors work, so hopefully it's not too confusing for anyone.

Here's the pdf:

[link removed; see below]

I was a bit rushed with this one, so if anyone finds any mistakes or has problems please let me know.


[ETA: There was indeed some issues with this pattern. See post here for more info.]


  1. That would make a fine base for a daffodil. Just add a trumpet center! :)

  2. You know, I sort of thought the same thing as I was tatting it. However, I also found that I hate doing this pattern. How bad is it when you invent something that you can't stand doing? Anyone else is free to try the idea though.