Saturday, March 12, 2011

On it's way...

The second proof copy of my book is on it's way! This could be IT! I am hopeful that this means I will be able to have it for sale by March 19th. Why that particular date? Because I've agreed to be one of the "experts" at a local DIY fair, hosted by the library and the Arts Place Collective. The Arts Place is a very cool local organization that is sort of a cross between an art gallery and an art school. They organize all kinds of really great art and craft events. I've worked with them before to teach various types of classes at their center.

I've been to events to demonstrate tatting before, but never as the singular expert. I've taught several classes, both locally and at the Finger Lakes Tatting convention [which I've been unable to attend for two years now, sadly.] But somehow this event has me more nervous than any of the others did. The idea is to simply sit at a table, do my tatting thing, and talk to people about the craft. I'm comfortable with all those things, so I'm not sure what I'm so nervous about. At least I don't have to have a huge display of tatted items, so that's a relief. Wish me luck though! I may need it. :)

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