Thursday, March 31, 2011

Staying Behind

Yet another year is going by, and I will be missing out on the Finger Lakes tatting convention. Were I going, this would be the day that I'd be leaving. Though I'm a little sad that I can't go, again, I wish all my friends (and family) who are going a wonderful time. I hope to be there next year, perhaps with more books to sell.

I do know that my great aunt, Ruth, will be taking along a few copies of my beginner's book to sell. So if anyone going wants a copy, but doesn't want to wait on shipping, she's the person to see.

And as a sort of consolation prize to myself, I suppose, I have a pattern to give you all later today. I'll wait until after my aunt stops through on her way to Hector before posting it though. She always inspires me, and I may have a multitude of other things to show you as well.

Until then I will have another cup of coffee [or two, or three] and try to wake up the rest of the way. *yawn*


  1. Never mind - look forward to next year! I am looking forward to the pattern!

  2. Yup, next year definitely. I may also be able to go to Palmetto this year if certain things work out. :D