Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's not tatting, but I did something...

I got my new thread in the mail! I'm always impressed by how quick Handy Hands is with their shipping. I'm also impressed with their customer service. The ball of Lizbeth in Autumn Spice that I got had white spots in it. I emailed them, and within the hour they got back to me and offered to send a new ball. This is why I prefer to buy directly from them, rather than through a retailer.

Alas, I have no tatting to show with this new thread though. I spend most of my weekend and the week sewing. It's something I'm still very novice at, but I enjoy doing it. Here's what I made:


This is my bf, showing off his jedi skills in the new costume I made him. He's been waiting two years for me to [start] finish this, so I surprised him with it on Valentine's Day. And yes, we are total gamer geeks. And we dress up in costumes. And like it.

Then today I made this:



It's my first attempt at sewing a stuffed toy. I made this for my son, who needed something to snuggle with. He really, really likes balls. A lot. The ears give him something to hold onto.


  1. The combo of Skywalker suit and stuffed toy makes the toy look suggestively like a "9" version of an Ewok!

  2. LOL, I totally didn't see that, but you're right. I've been referring to it as "the monkey ball" because of the monkey faces printed on the fabric. But I think it's name needs to be officially changed.