Monday, February 7, 2011

Sneak Peak


Here's a quick look at the tentative cover of the book I'm writing. Actually the writing part is done. Now I'm (impatiently) waiting for a friend to review it before I begin the process of getting it ready for publishing. So close to finishing!

This is not a pattern book but rather a guide for the absolute beginner. It started as a collection of notes I would hand out while teaching classes. But it just kept growing, and now it's going to be a fully fledged book, with ISBN number and all! Very excited!


  1. That is exciting! Congratulations on all the work!

  2. How exciting! I certainly could have used a book like this when I was learning to tat -- it will be so helpful to all the beginners.

  3. What a great idea! I like the cover art. I know you'll let us know when it is available, but who is your publisher?

  4. Eliz, I am self-publishing through Amazon's CreateSpace. This means that I can put whatever I want, how I want in the book. It also means that I'm responsible for ALL the work, including layout, editing, and marketing. The good part is that it will be available on Amazon when it's all done! And I get a free ISBN, so it is "in the system".