Friday, February 4, 2011

Other Obsessions

There's about a million reasons I could give for being so absent here. The holidays, winter, the baby (who is now a toddler), bouts with illness, etc. But the truth is... I've been neglecting my shuttles. It's shameful, I know. But I haven't picked up my shuttles since last November. Eek! I haven't entirely abandoned my crafty ways, though. I've been seriously attached to my knitting needles all winter.

I managed to complete my first sweater, immediately followed by my second (which fits much better than the first.) Though I haven't managed to get decent pictures of it yet. Here are a few things I can show you though. First up, I subject you to random cuteness, wearing a hat I knit him of course.


Next up, a truly awful picture of an awesome sweater.


And finally, a cute little cozy for my new toy! (Have I mentioned how absolutely wonderfully awesome my bf is for getting me a Kindle?)


The pattern for this cozy is available on Ravelry. It's my first knitting pattern up there, and I'm very excited about it! Quick Knit Kindle Cozy on Ravelry

I'm sure I'll get back to tatting soon. In the meantime, these meager offerings will have to satiate your craft curiosity. :)

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